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buonavita4pcset.jpg Buona Vita Collection
Buona Vita, Italian for "the good life", reflects the artist fresh colors and design of each piece. Mediterranean blue is the foundation of each terracotta body. Every piece is hand-painted with the utmost technique and finish. All pieces are food safe! Displayed is the Rectangular Tray, Salad bowl with strong handles, 2 1/2 quart pitcher and 10 1/2" square serving plate.
Buona Vita Large Square Plate (10 1/2"sq.) $90.00  
Buona Vtia Large Salad Bowl with Handles (12"D x 3 1/2"H) $110.00  
Buona Vita Small Pitcher (21 ounces) $64.00  
Buona Vita Rectangular Tray (21"L x 9"W) $240.00  
Buona Vita Vase with Handles (13 1/2"H) $180.00  

buonavitahorspltr.jph Buona Vita Hors D'Oeuvre Platter
The oversized hand-painted Hors d'Oeuvre platter is our favorite piece in the Buona Vita Collection. Each hand made platters measures 20" round and may be used for hot & cold servings. Truly an eye catching piece!

buonavitapears3pc.jpg Buona Vita Vase & Serving Pieces
These large statement pieces have a Mediterranean Blue palette, all hand painted on a terracota body. The Vase stands 13 1/2" tall with large handles. The Large Salad bowl had unique handles hanging on the side of the bowl. The very large Oval Platter, 24"l x 12 1/2"w, adorn the purple grapes and pears on the luscious blue with gold trimming.
Buona Vita Fruit Bowl with Handles (15"D x 6"H) $190.00  
Buona Vita Large Oval Platter (24"L x 12 1/2"W) $300.00  
Buona Vita Vase with Handles (13 1/2"H) $180.00  

buonavita3pcset.jpg More Buona Vita Pieces
Featured are the Scalloped Bowl (10 3/4"), Footed Compote Bowl (11 1/2"), and the 12 ounce Pitcher. Very beautiful and useful pieces for serving.
Buona Vita Small Ruffled Bowl (10 3/4"D) $90.00  
Buona Vita Footed Bowl (11 1/2"D x 6 1/2"H) $120.00  
Buona Vita Small Pitcher (21 ounces) $64.00  

Limoncello Italian Collection
Our newest Italian Collection, Limoncello, is teeming with Lemons! A classic cobalt palette accented with crisp bright yellow, green and white hand painted on a terracotta body. All pieces listed below.
Limoncello Large Square Plate 10 1/2"Square (#433/26-LM) $90.00  
Limoncello Salad Bowl (12") $90.00  
Limoncello Rectangular Tray 21"L x 9"W (#434/55-LM) $280.00  

More Limoncello Accessories
Limoncello Ruffled Bowl 10 3/4" Round (350/25-LM) $90.00  
Limoncello Pitcher -21 ounces (102/15-LM) $64.00  
Limoncello Pitcher-2 1/2 qt/ (50/25-LM) $110.00  

casa2011newpat1.jpg Fiorentino Collection by Casafina
Firoentino is our new hand-painted Italian collection. It is resplendent with a rich blue & green scroll motif, classic to Florence, Italy. Each piece may be used in serving and also as piece of art. Featured in the center is a large round platter which measures 14 1/2" in diameter. Hand washing recommended for hand painted longevity.
Fiorentino Round Platter (14 1/2"D) $150.00  

Fiorentino Large Pitcher
The large pitcher holds 2 1/2 quarts and stands almost 12 inches.

fiorsmallpit.jpg Fiorentino Small Pitcher
The smaller pitcher holds 21 ounces. Many uses for displays or drinks.

fiorbowlwhandles.jpg Fiorentino Large Salad Bowl with Handles
Beautiful round bowl with handles that measures 12" in diameter, and 3 1/2" high. Wonderful for salads or large pasta dishes. May be used for hot and cold foods.

Fiorentino Small Ruffled Bowl
Ruffled Bowl is round with scalloped edges. Each piece measures 10 3/4" in diameter.

fiorlargeplate.jpg Fiorentino Large Square Plate
Square plate measures 10 1/2" and may be used as a display when not serving appetizers or deserts.

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